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Himalayan Mountain Original Painting - Nepal, Black and White, Landscape, Nature, Snow, Bridge, Art, Acrylic


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    Introducing an original artwork by Nepali artist, Shiva M. This captivating piece showcases a majestic mountain in the Himalayas, depicted in a striking black and white palette.

    In this artwork, Shiva M. skillfully captures the essence of the mountain's rugged beauty, emphasizing its grandeur and timeless allure. The inclusion of a rope bridge adds an element of intrigue and adventure, while the presence of yaks evokes a sense of the region's rich cultural heritage and connection with nature. Whether you are an art collector, a lover of landscapes, or simply someone seeking to be transported to the Himalayas, this original artwork by Shiva M. is a captivating choice.

    Easy to frame! This size frame is easy to find on sites like Amazon or Etsy! (frame not included).
    Size 5x15 inches approximately

    Our Nepali artists are happy to do custom paintings!